Thursday night delight

What a week! Our home’s been like an incubation chamber: with our son falling ill past Sunday night (but thankfully bouncing back as quickly as he went down) & then the virus hitting us, meaning separate sleeping arrangements for the bulk of the week. So you can imagine (also with the Dr’s stamp of approval) how great it was to go out on a date night.

This time there was a great deal to catch up on before; as well as during the date night. So when we eventually sat down, we (in both a proverbial  & literal sense) exhaled! There was a great deal to shed from the week. Tonight’s date night felt, for lack of a better expression, like an evening of giving gratitude. First and foremost we had to give thanks for the family’s return to good health: spells of being ill show you just how brittle  & vulnerable we can be & reemphasizes the importance of making an effort to look after our health.  Then we had to give thanks for having each other. When you know (during the moments when we’re most vulnerable) your partner will be there to carry you through: that’s something to cheer.

Mink & Trout was perfect for our date night. The seating setup is fantastic for a couple or groups of 4 . We sat nestled in the corner right next to the window and were able to take in some of the sites & sounds of Cape Town’s Bree Street and we got a great view of Mink & Trout’s layout, including the kitchen.

With the attention finally turned to each other we got up to speed on the week’s comings & goings. The table setting was intimate and allowed us the ability to be close to each other & to engage without the need to strain our voices. Then our attention turned to the food. And just to our luck tapas was on the menu. Starter sorted, order envy avoided. The constant chit-chatter interrupted by bursts of laughter inside a restaurant adds to the general atmosphere & maybe a good indicator of people’s enjoyment of the food too, perhaps?

Our tapas were great. The mains (pork belly & free range chicken pie) ticked all the right notes & the desert (panna cotta: we couldn’t go it alone & resorted to sharing) the perfect sweetness & lightness to finish the night. Perhaps the panna cotta was the perfect way to sum up our evening & kick off our weekend. After some filling meals it gave us a beautiful light send off.

We couldn’t have wished for a better place to help set the tone for our weekend. Great service. Delicious food. Warm environment. And a Head Chef always ready for a sneaky little pic? priceless.

If you’re looking for a place that will give you good food and provide you with a spring into  the weekend (or week day) then look no further than Mink & Trout.

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