In between the water & the mountain

Depending on where you’re seated you can have either the view of the Indian Ocean or the Kalk Bay Mountains. Or you can choose to position your seats in such a way that you see both. With the local fishermen (on this particular night, at least 50 strong) casting their rods in seemingly unrehearsed unison into the waters below in hope of a good catch, the views on offer are simply astounding. A welcome relief from the constant buzz & hustle of the city. The feeling of being a hamster on a wheel is an all too familiar one and establishments such as Harbour House Restaurant offer the perfect relief from this unseen trap.

The build up to this week’s date night was frantic to say the least. I guess that’s something that comes with this thing of being an adult as well as being a parent- there’s seemingly always something to do! Last-minute shopping, organizing play dates (and attending them), coordinating calendars with extending family, the little one’s swimming sessions. Sjoe! The list is extensive and one would be forgiven for not being able to discern from its beginning  or ending. We needed to be reminded about the importance of ‘getting off the wheel’ and with its wide range of beautiful sights & sounds Harbour House Restaurant offers its diners and visitors an idyllic dining experience.

Being so close to the ocean we would have done the place a major injustice if we hadn’t selected seafood. And in an effort to shed the unnecessary ‘heavy baggage’ we opted for seafood ceviche & Tian of prawn to kick off our dining experience.  A fitting decision! Seated next to the window we made an effort to feel the pulse of the Kalk Bay and not surprisingly, it seemed as though there was none! The windless evening, the sound of the waves, the fresh ocean smell only broken by the detailed backdrop of the Kalk Bay Mountains were enough to let us get lost in the evening.

We decided to split our dinner options to seafood & game. Queue the order envy! However, when all was said and done both plates were fairly void of any food by the time they were taken to the kitchen.

As has become our custom we end the dining experience by sharing the desert: a Trio of Sobert. The act of sharing our meals has become a way of us connecting and making sure that we leave as we entered, together. We are  once again thankful for this week’s date night. We’re constantly learning about and, perhaps most importantly, from each other. One of the most crucial things we’ve taken away from this experience is understanding the importance of forging a  new path & not getting on the hamster wheel.

Just when we began getting lost in this idyllic world a big boom of “Cheers” followed by the clinking of glasses came from across the room. Just then it was evident that other people were happy to have discovered this gem between the water & the mountain.

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