A home away from home

Coming into the week we had reasons to be happy. After all we were coming off a weekend that started off at an alarming pace- chores, work, appointments (we’re all very familiar with this) but it ended off on a surprisingly relaxing (and certainly most welcome!) note. So waking up on Monday to start the week, we were rather well-rested. Then our help at home failed to arrive at work- and just like that our reasonably relaxed start was flipped on its head!

The first couple days of the week were testing to say the least! Yet through the chaos of it all we received some positive news (new work on the horizon) and so when our date night at Savoy Cabbage came around we would have plenty to smile about.

To be honest as much as we were looking forward to our date night we were also rather fatigued and were secretly praying that we weren’t going to arrive to a carnival-like atmosphere. Just to make sure that we would avoid any possibility of such a scenario playing out we got there early. We should have known better! Caroline Bagley, the owner, is well-versed at making her diners feel at home. The pace, the friendly staff and the atmosphere all come together to put one at ease. There’s no doubting/ questioning the aesthetic beauty of the establishment & the gaps in our conversation were only cut by silence brought on by us being intrigued by the artwork on display.

Our savory and fish starters followed by hearty main meals of warthog & fish hit the spot. And what was meant to have been a quick stop-over turned out into a marathon affair. It was more a feeling of being in a home away from home.  As the evening rolled on and the hours passed by we sat and admired all that was going on around us- and we didn’t mind one bit. We needed this evening to re-focus our attention to our weekly family goals.

Our eating experience ended with a shared desert (caramel & chocolate tart) & at its conclusion we both agreed that the non-intrusive approach & friendliness of the staff (led by Caroline’s wisdom & passion), the intriguing aesthetics & the chef’s ability to cater to the palate make Savoy Cabbage an ideal choice for those couples & friends looking to either catch up or to pump the breaks and slow down the pace, over a good meal. For those of you who are not interested in the food, Savoy Cabbage is there to cater to you too, it is after all a Restaurant & Champagne Bar……………..We’ll cheers to that.

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