The Robertson Wine Valley- no letdowns with the surprises

It’s incredible just how quickly one can adjust to their surroundings. The views offered by Galloway Guest House are really magnificent- especially in the mornings and at sunset. On our check-out day the sky was crystal clear and the contours, colors & details of the mountains surrounding us seemed to be more, and for a lack of a better word, “alive”. Our initial (and perhaps obvious) reaction was to wish for “one more day” so we could savor it for longer & more.

We reluctantly started packing our bags and soon Galloway Guest House was in our rear-view mirror. A special word of thanks to Jana & Johan (owners of Galloway Guest House) for their hospitality. Our room was cosy and well-equipped and the spectacular views of the Langeberg mountain was the icing on the cake.

We took a leisurely drive through the Robertson Wine Valley as we made our way to our first experience of the day at Viljoensdrift. The drive was scenic and delightful- best you bring along your best driving music to enjoy the experience even more.

En route to our first stop of the day we saw groups of families (dressed in their Sunday best) making their way to their various places of worship. Nobody rushing. Befitting the general mood of the Robertson Wine Valley.

Viljoensdrift. A jewel, whose backdrop is the Elandsberg Mountains, sits nestled on the banks of the Breede River. It simply caters for all needs.  Are you looking for a quiet picnic-type setup? It’s here. You want to have a get-together for a big group of people? No problem. You have children? Play areas to take care of that. We also caught a band setting up to perform a live gig. Simply put: Viljoensdrift has something to offer everyone.

Before signing our indemnity forms for the boat cruise we had a sneaky wine tasting kicking off with the Villion MCC and finishing off with the Merlot “River Grandeur” (2015). Seeing that we arrived almost 30m to spare before our cruise we also took advantage of their beautiful picnic garden on the river bank.

The boat cruise, which lasts around an hour, is a great way to “get up close” with the mountain and river. With good weather and a beautiful bottle of Viljoensdrift Sauvignon Blanc (2017) by our side, the cruise was terrific! Within a blink of an eye, the hour whizzed by and soon we were back on firm ground. The docking of the boat signaled the end of the first part of our experience- we must admit at being envious of those arriving as we were departing – especially with the live band already in full swing. Soon we were pointed in the direction of Graham Becks’ Estate ready to tackle our last experience of what had been an amazing weekend in the Robertson Wine Valley.

The experience at Graham Beck, with it’s beautifully manicured gardens, was the perfect way sign off the weekend. The geographical location was perfect; a short left, literally off the R60, a mere 15 or so minutes outside Robertson, and you enter the stunning grounds of Graham Beck Estate.

We kicked off our experience with a glass of Graham Beck “GORGEOUS” Chardonnay Pinot Noir. A perfect companion for any mood and/ occasion. And on this occasion a beautifully ladened platter of cheese, charcuterie, breads and fruits.

Graham Beck sparkling wines are of a very high standard but we were pleasantly delighted to try both the Vintage & Non-Vintage tastings. We were both familiar with some of the Non-Vintage range but had never had any of the Vintage range before. We were not disappointed. (If you opt to do the tasting inside you’ll be spellbound by the views of the mountains that open up in front you- like something out of a postcard!)

Our last bit of tasting signaled the end of our Robertson Wine Valley experience. When we arrived in Robertson on the Friday night we could never have imagined that we would spend days on end speaking about experiences to anyone willing to lend an ear. This was without doubt one of the best local getaway weekends we’ve had. And definitely one we’ll be repeating (and with friends next time around)

The weekend proved to us that if you’re willing to explore there are tons of amazing experiences out there that await you. The Robertson Wine Valley, with its natural beauty, humble residents & incredible offerings is one such place that has plenty to offer.

A special word of thanks to Mira Weiner, Hot Oven Marketing, who put together the most amazing itinerary and gave us a weekend full of the most amazing food, wine, hospitality & views. If the experience of the Robertson Wine Valley was anything to go by, we have vowed to make it our point to find/ unearth more wonders of this nature.


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