Power of the midweek reset

late arrival

In many ways it wouldn’t be amiss if we were to be referred to as city slickers. Our lives are pretty much centered around the urban sprawl that is Cape Town.

Living in the city has many advantages, true. However, it does come with some disadvantages. Work and the constant-go-nature are just some of these disadvantages. We’re forever moving, on the chase, blissfully unaware that we may be out sync with our partners.

Enter The Residences- Crystal Towers.


To be fair most of our relaxation comes from visiting wine estates, taking scenic coastal drives, or going for walks (be it by the sea or mountain side)………..but the feeling doesn’t last.

Thus when we got the opportunity to “press” the midweek reset button, we soon realized that a one night sleep out was exactly what the doctor ordered.


Centrally located in Century City The Residences offered us the chance to blow off some steam. Connect. Eat a hearty breakfast. Take in the views and sights. And we also gave ourselves the opportunity to acquire a second wind to finish off the week on a high.


Judging by the success of this mini break we can only urge couples to follow suit. If you’re wondering where to go you don’t have to look far beyond the centrally located Century City. And the The Residences are well placed to be your home way from home for a night.


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