Sounds of the crackling fire

How does one combat the unforgiving Cape winter weather?


Does the sound of being in a luxury cottage (surrounded by spell-binding views, drinking wine with your better half; all the while being sheltered from the blistery conditions by the sounds of crackling wood and flickering flames emanating from the fireplace) appeal to you? If that is indeed the case then you need to consider putting Jordan Stellenbosch on your travel destination list.

The drive alone to Jordan is an experience to be savored. A meandering road, is hugged on either flank by farms, farm cottages & livestock. And for a moment just when one begins to think that the road leads nowhere, Jordan Stellenbosch makes its long-awaited appearance.

Between the Indian & Atlantic Oceans

Upon doing all the customary sign-ins (welcomed by an incredibly warm and receptive accommodation manager) we were ushered up into what initially seemed like a labyrinth through a botanical garden that was bursting with all types floral aromas, but turned out to be the pathway to our luxury suite. The luxury suite is nicely nestled among the well-manicured bushes and offers all the luxuries one would need when on a getaway.

The interior of the Jordan Luxury suite is superb, with immaculate finishing, attention to detail and a welcoming warmth to it.  The private lounge with a cosy couch screams “pull out a bottle of wine and kick back” and the shower, were we not made water-use conscious by the recent water drought, has a time-is-not-an-issue appeal to it.

What made our stay even more special was the unexpected inclement weather that set in. Out came a bottle of Jordan Stellenbosch “Black Magic” Merlot and in went the wood logs into the fireplace. Within no time we were lost in conversation, celebrating 5 years of marriage, with the occasional clinking of the glass and sounds of the crackling fire breaking up our chats and laughs.

crackling fire

We simply couldn’t rave more about the Luxury Suite and its comforts but that wasn’t the end to our amazing stay. In the morning we had a hearty, farm-style breakfast at “The Bakery” which offers a good array of breakfasts with some high quality coffee.

The environment was lively but at all times the staff were good with  allowing us space to eat at a leisurely pace and to fit into the general plan of the getaway which was to essentially “shut down” and “recharge”.

The Bakery @Jordan

Of course no visit to a wine estate would be complete without a wine tasting experience. Shortly after breakfast we wasted no time in clinking our glasses one more time and this time with the dam providing a rather picturesque backdrop to a weekend draped in luxury. The story-telling behind the wines was entertaining: especially the story about gold in the area!

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply wanting a timely getaway. A mere 45m or so drive outside Cape Town you’ll be transported to a different world. The Luxury Suites and suites at Jordan Stellenbosch don’t hold back on 1st class comfort. The farm also offers fine dining through its restaurant, Jordan Restaurant, a wine safari & a hiking trail for active individuals.



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