Women’s Month treat in the Winelands







TheDateNightBlog generally covers culinary experiences as ideas for the perfect date night: we’re always spoilt for choice here in the Western Cape. Considering that August was Women’s Month, my usual partner-in-crime,my husband,had to take a back seat and in his place in came my childhood friend. Soon we were lost in the  wonder and beauty that encapsulates Lanzerac Wine Estate.

Lanzerac Wine Estate is incredibly picturesque, with one of the most amazing mountain backgrounds you’ll ever witness. It should therefore not come as a surprise that their spa would be top class. There’s something magical, cleansing almost!about a good spa; and with competition being so tight amongst various establishments in and around the Western Cape, a spa has  to be incredibly unique in order to stand out- a box that Lanzerac’s Spa easily ticks. Simply put, Lanzerac’s Spa is outstanding. With spectacular views and an exceptionally inviting ambience it hits all the right notes.  Excellent service accompanied by some MCC was the exact tonic required for such an occasion.

We were treated to a warm reception by the spa manager, and shortly after our arrival we were  were ushered to the changing rooms and proceeded to get ready for our massages. The masseuse therapists were  incredibly attentive and we were made to feel right at home. After our massages, we spent 90 minutes just enjoying the additional spa facilities. The jacuzzi and the recliners were a favorite considering it was an overcast day. We lazed around for the remainder of the day, and of course a glass of  Lanzerac MCC always within reach. Simply put: we couldn’t have had a better way of ushering in Women’s Month. Thank you Lanzerac Wine Estate, Hotel & Spa for a memorable day.

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