Thali- the hidden gem in the hustle & bustle of the city

It’s Feb. The month of love. We’re in Cape Town. If you’re familiar with things then you know this: it’s hot &
restaurants are generally chock-a-block. So you can imagine our surprise to find a hidden gem in the hustle & bustle of the city.

When we first walked into Thali we couldn’t believe that we were in the city. Upon entry you are immediately transported to another world. And if you’re going on a date night- that’s a great start! You can’t help, but to leave all your stresses
at the door.

The relentless Cape Town heat made the decision to sit in the outside courtyard area easy. The mood in the
area was jovial. People were smiling, laughing and generally looking relaxed. Another essential ingredient
for a good date night. With it being February, maybe the month of love had a great deal to do with this?
Either way, it paved the way for a positive experience. The week leading up to our date night had been rather
busy so our experience of Thali could not have come at a better time.

Thali (“a set meal at an Indian restaurant” or “a metal plate on which Indian food is served”) Whichever one
of these definitions suits your fancy, the restaurant has it covered. The set tapas on offer (served on round
metal plates) is incredible. Whenever we eat out, almost all of the time one of us always feels as though
they’ve made the incorrect order choice. Yes!Order envy is rife in our home. Tapas eliminates this & Thali’s
craftsmanship in the kitchen will leave you wanting more.

Being a date night we also wanted time to ourselves, and as if by some magical way, the staff knew this. Not
only were they attentive, inviting & very well-versed on the menu & the Thali experience, but they gave us
our space. The result of which ended up with us having some much-needed QT together.

Having spent time in the courtyard we migrated to the middle seating area where got a full view of the kitchen.
The shining gold/bronze kitchen utensils contribute to the fanfare provided by the dining experience.

If you’re looking to spend quality time with your partner/friend over good food then Thali has a winning formula. Staff, food and the environment have all come together to create an unforgettable
experience in the heart of the city.

Month of love or not, we’ll definitely be coming back.